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Daily Market Update on 15-07-2014

Daily Market Update on 15-07-2014


The prices of polyester raw materials are mixed today.  PX was up $10 to $1,409, PTA was down $5 to $975/ton and MEG was down $5 to $975 all FOB Shanghai.

PET chips producers cut prices by 50 CNY/ton again today.  Price of PET bottle grade SD type was at $1,305/ton and filament grade at $1,280/ton FOB Shanghai.

Prices of PSF are also falling a little.  Exporters' price is at the level of $1.36-$1.38/kg FOB Shanghai.

Prices of polyester and filament yarns are down.  In Xiaoshan city, prices were reduced by almost 100CNY/ton.  POY 250D/48F/SD gave up 1 cent/kg to $1.40/kg, Polyester FDY 75D/36F/TBR declined by a similar amount to $1.50/kg and polyester DTY 150/48F/SD/NIM  is at  $1.67/kg all FOB Shanghai.

Today cotton fiber prices were down again.  Some items managed to go down 5CNY/ton again.  In Fujian province, popular export type TC 30's virgin waxed raw white and packed in pp.  bags was firm at about 18100 CNY/ton.

Demand for spun polyester yarns is slow but spinners are not in a rush to adjust their prices.  Price of 100% Spun Polyester Yarn NE 30/1 virgin waxed and packed in pp bags is trading in the range of 13600-13900/ton.

For the past two sessions there has been a great deal of pressure on the viscose fiber market.  Supply is still exceeding demand and price of VSF 1.4Dx38mm bright virgin was at 12370 CNY/ton.  The price of 100% Spun Viscose NE 30/1 yarn waxed virgin quality packed in pp bags is about 17300 CNY/ton.

Demand for spandex yarns continues to holdup but limited quantities available in the market is preventing prices from falling.  The price of 40D clear type was down 3 cents to $6.73/kg FOB Shanghai.  Market price is expected to be stable next month.

Nylon chips are up 100CNY/ton in local market.  Upstream raw material is lacking.  While downstream buyers are willing to commit to big purchases and the trading session was mostly choppy today.  Price of nylon 6 DTY 70D/24F/SD was up 3 cents to $3.51/kg FOB Shanghai.

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