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Established in 2008, WIN WIN TWISTED YARN ZHANGZHOU LTD  is a leading & professional twist yarn manufacturer in China. We are located in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province with convenient transport access.

Covering an area of 50000 square meters, we have 130 TFO twisting machines, 32 rewinding machines, 2 sets splicing machine “FADIS” brand for controlling the yarn hardness(shore) and combing uneven yarn to even yarn(AAR grade).

We can twist polyester/nylon Viscose and industrial filament in different colors, from 30 denier to 1200 denier, 80 TPM to 2500 TPM, free knots, steaming fix for warping, such as Nylon 6 Twisted yarn, Viscose Twisted yarn, ITY, CEY, FDY, DTY, SSY, FDY+DTY, Cationic & 2 PLY twisted yarn.

Normally we produce FDY twisted yarn at 1.5kgs/cone and DTY at 1.33kgs/cone on 172mm tube, actually the bobbing weight is based on the mother yarn cheese weight, also we have limited capacity to produce bigger cone (1.75-2.2kgs/cone) for FDY and DTY twisted yarn. As it is unavoidable to get uneven weight yarn, we grade even weight yarn as AA, uneven weight yarn as A, and AAR is the even weight yarn after splicing.

We are able to supply dyeing tube(perforated tube), the yarn on dyeing tube is with perforated shrikaged film, it can be used for dyeing directly,

And well protected, the perforated tube is 230mm.

Application of twisted yarn: apparel, yoga wear, sports wear, dobby and jacquard fabrics, curtain, label, upholstery fabric, mattress ticking, rug& carpet, saint ribbon, home textile, furnishing.

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