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Since the startup in 2010, UNISKY SHANGHAI LIMITED became a reliable partner in the polyester staple fiber industry by continuously sourcing and developing.

To extend market penetration, we opened our own twisted yarn factory WIN WIN TWISTED YARN ZHANGZHOU LTD in Xiamen, Fujian province to better meet the changing needs and expectations of clients.

General PSF can be delivered from our extended stock. Polyester staple fiber with special requirement will be sourced to meet all customers’ expectations.

Our aim is to supply the right PSF for each end application.

With our strong partnership with the largest PSF manufacturer in China, we always offer the best price with best quality in combination with timely delivery and satisfying service.

Main Products

Polyester Staple Fiber 100% Virgin

Polyester Staple Fiber Recycled/Regenerated

Dope Dyed Colored Polyester Staple Fiber

Polyester Tow/Tops

Hollow Conjugated Fiber

Low Melting Fiber

Flame Retardant Fiber

Twisted Yarn (FDY, DTY, ITY, SSY, CEY, Nylon, Viscose, 50-1200D, 80-3000TPM)

Our Service

Extended Stock of Standard PSF

Customized Colored Fiber

Integrated Domestic PSF Resources

Strict Quality Control System

Research and Innovation

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Email: jack@ufuk.com.cn
SKYPE: uniskyca

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